• Introducing Insulhammock, the four season insulated hammock designed for quick
    and easy deployment while offering consistent performance characteristics in
    terms of comfort,ease of use and a wide range of temperature spectrums.
  • Temp range 20f to 70f with no overstuff
  • The latest Dyneema and Titanium suspension system from DutchwareGear
  • 15 denier ARGON90 material and HEXON 1.6 hammock body material offering a 350lb rating
  • 850 FP hypoallergenic water resistant down with available overstuff options
  • Two 14 inch velcro openings to insert foam pads, inflateable pads,or even mount
    your existing underquilt on the included 4 internal mounting loops to even further lower
    your low temp ratings
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Our Vision, And Mission

Thank you first off for showing interest in Insulhammock Insulated Camping Hammocks, Here at Insulhammock we are a small cottage family oriented company. What started as a need to construct our own equipment because we could not use, afford or equipment we needed just did not exist, Insulhammock was born. We troubleshot and tried many different prototypes and configurations for comfortable Hammock camping with a growing family.

We finally ended up with a product that was simple to use first off, all inclusive with all the parts you needed to Hang in a Hammock with NO other parts to buy. No under quilts to fiddle with, or top quilts to slide out of, and a broad temperature range for a one time purchase. Our Insulhammocks can also be used in the unfortunate event you have to go to ground, shelter or hostel, because of our FULLY INSULATED construction, it differs little from a sleeping bag when used with a pad.

We make these in our home based shop in a pet/smoke free environment, one at time, by hand. we offer Custom work also, Just Email us and we will discuss you Custom Insulated Hammock desires!  Insulhammock@gmail.com

This product is designed for the Individual who wants to sleep outside but has limited carrying space. Motorcyclists,Backpackers,Paddlers,Horse Trail Riders Etc. We use ours because its easy and fast to setup (me) and it is simple to egress and you can toss and turn without cold spots(my Husband LoL) 3 out of 4 children use them ( one of our sons still uses quilts).

Even though Insulhammock has a high initial investment and some sticker shock, It's weight and price is very close to what you would pay for a piece-meal setup, it just boils down to personal preference. All Insulhammocks also can accept Underquilts internally and you can always use a Top Quilt inside of it for unparalleled warmth! I again appreciate your interest and look forward to making you your own Insulhammock Insulated Hammock for you!

Thank You!

Anya Webb Owner



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Using hammocks in general can be very dangerous, but with proper knowledge it can be safe and rewarding. Never hang higher than you are willing to fall.  Always inspect all components of suspension  for proper attachment and any fraying ,also look for any tears or holes in Hammock body before putting body weight in Insulhammock. Always make sure you are versed with the proper angles for suspension components, failure to do so will result in catastrophic hammock failure and possible injury. By purchasing our products, you agree to hold blameless Insulhammockdesigns and all of its affiliates. If you do not agree with these statements, we encourage you to reconsider purchasing our safe and time tested products.